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The origin of the ear candle comes from the ancient past. This treatment was applied in the ancient India, China, Egypt, Tibet , as well as in the ancient american indian culture. Similar to the ear candle, they made a cone shaped funnel, with a double spire inside, to create a streaming energy flow.
By this manner they applied herbal plants, and incense in the internal ear.
In general, heat produces vacuum effect. The ear candle placed in the acoustic meatus- cause a slight vacuum, so it increments the blood circulation in the ear. Due to this vacuum the materials created by former problems, come up to the internal surface of the candle. Free up the jammed antrum of Highmore Removes the earwax, and stimulates other hidden acupuncture points in the external auditory canal

In the Clinic we apply the ear candle and the body candles in a combined way. This amplify the healing effect of the candles especially in the cases of upper respiratory tract infections, cold and allergy The ear candle also helps to clean the endpoints of nerves, so the body and spirit get a harmonic energy by this treatment.

When we place the candle into the ear, we light it. We can see light white smoke in the upper end of the candle.This white smoke moves downward into the ear , and produce an airflow moving up. This moving airstream caused by the heat of the flame, loosens the hard ear wax. As an effect of the candle, all these ear wax comes up to the candle.

This treatment is recommended in the following cases:
• Ear, and frontal sinus problems
• Allergic residue
• Headache, migraine
• Stress
• Tinnitus
• Circulation problems in the ear
• Reduced hearing, jammed ears
• Acute-chronic otitis media
• Eustachian catarrh
• Otosclerosis (calcification)

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