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Body scrub (Coconut, Argan or Mandarin and Black Pepper)

30 min


You can choose from the following body scrubs:

Mandarin Scrub

Indulge in the revitalizing embrace of our Mandarin and Black Pepper Body Scrub, a luxurious ritual that transcends the ordinary. Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of zesty mandarin and aromatic black pepper as the scrub delicately exfoliates, leaving your skin impregnated with a renewed vibrancy.

As you engage in this sensory journey, feel the transformative effects on your skin. The blend of mandarin and black pepper not only softens your skin but also imparts a radiant glow. Your body absorbs the energy of this invigorating scrub, leaving you recharged and ready to face the day.


– Experience intense hydration that leaves your skin feeling replenished.

– Revel in the sensation of softness and lightness that accompanies the scrub’s touch.

– Enjoy a refreshing feeling that invigorates your entire body.

– Immerse yourself in an aroma that encourages relaxation and the release of tension.

Recommended for:
Suitable for all skin types, our Mandarin and Black Pepper Body Scrub is crafted to cater to diverse skin needs.

Argan Scrub

As the fine particles of the scrub gently exfoliate, the miraculous properties of Argan oil penetrate your skin, imparting a profound sense of hydration. Feel the texture of your skin transform as it becomes silky soft, basking in the natural richness of Argan.

This exquisite scrub not only pampers your skin but also offers a moment of sheer bliss for your senses. Allow the enchanting aroma of Argan to whisk you away to a place of tranquility, where the worries of the day dissolve into serenity.


– Revel in the deep nourishment and hydration provided by the Argan oil.

– Experience the silkiness and smoothness that the scrub imparts to your skin.

– Enjoy a sensory journey with the calming and luxurious aroma of Argan.

– Rejuvenate your skin for a radiant and refreshed complexion.

Recommended for:
Ideal for all skin types, our Argan Scrub is crafted to cater to the diverse needs of your skin, providing a holistic and indulgent skincare experience.

Coconut scrub

As the coconut-infused scrub gently exfoliates, it unveils the radiant glow beneath, unveiling skin that feels deeply moisturized and revitalized. Let the natural properties of coconut work their magic, leaving your skin supple, smooth, and kissed by the tropics.


– Revel in the deep moisturization and revitalization courtesy of coconut.

– Experience the velvety smoothness and supple feel of your newly pampered skin.

– Immerse yourself in the sweet and exotic aroma of coconut.

– Achieve a radiant complexion that reflects the tropical glow.

Recommended for:
Perfect for all skin types, our Coconut Scrub is designed to cater to diverse skincare needs, providing a decadent and tropical escape.

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