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At the first occasion we fill a form which contains information about your general statement, and some questions on your general health. It is required to determine if there is any factor which makes the treatment risky to your health.

After the initial check, we would discuss the details of the chosen massage, and the session can start.

Some people likes to talk during massage. Others prefer to be silent, and relaxed. If you prefer to be silent, do not feel that you are expected to talk. After all, you are at a treatment, not at a garden party.

Just close your eyes, and relax.

If you have any problem, or want something in a different way, do not hesitate to let the masseuse know.

If you feel the room too warm or cold, or feel any kind of pain please let the masseuse know!

Also do not hesitate to mention if there is something related to your health, which you forget to mention before the session started.

Please read carefully the information under the recommendations chapter of this page.

If you feel insecure, or you think that you are affected by any of the risk factors, please let Us know about is at the first appointment!

There can be various reasons to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable when exposing our body, or certain parts of our body.

Spots, hairy zones, marks of wounds etc…

all these things never must keep back from any medical, healthcare treatments which affects our general heath status in a positive way.

If You have any body part which you do not want the Masseuse to see, simply ask to ignore it, and leave it out from the treatment.

Some people fell comfortable when get naked, meanwhile others get embarrassed. The choice is yours! Make a choice where you can be the most relaxed.

The massage is all about YOU! It helps you to relax, or healing. So if you are disturbed to be naked leave your underwear on. the most important is to find the way to be relaxed, and free of stress and anxiety.

If you get massage at the waist, thigh or bottom area and you do not want to be naked, a small underwear or panty, maybe a thong can be a good solution.

If you are naked, still your body will not be exposed, because you will be covered with a towel, and it will be lifted up slightly just where the masseuse is actually working.

Mostly NOT! The most comfortable is the masseuse leave the room, meanwhile the Client prepares himself / herself for the massage, get off the clothes, and lies down on the massage table, prepared for her.

The masseuse will knock the door, and ask if the Client is ready.

Massage Studio

We Offer Healthy Solutions

Massage Studio

We Offer Healthy Solutions

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