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The health and condition of our hair and scalp is also a reflection of our physical health.
The treatment is extremely pleasant for both the treated and the treating person. It relaxes, relaxes, relieves pain, enhances mental abilities, refreshes, its regular use has a very good effect.
Head massage stimulates blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on hair and scalp. The massage relieves stress, tension, relieves eye fatigue and headaches. They reduce the feeling of neck and shoulder pain, soothe and refresh.
It’s benefits include the simplicity, effectiveness and accessibility of massage, and thanks to its positive physiological effects, it gives our hair a healthy shine. Regular use of a head massage will make your hair and scalp healthier. The revitalized blood and lymphatic circulation ensures that the hair and skin cells are supplied with fresh oxygen and nutrients. In India, many families still cultivate the ancient tradition of head massage, so it may be worthwhile to introduce this valuable custom to us as well.

The beneficial effects of head massage without the need for completeness:
• relieves headaches and eye strain pain, as well as jaw joint pain
• it will make your hair stronger and healthier
• relieves stress, anxiety, minor depression
• enhances creativity
• allows for clear thinking, better concentration
• provides deeper, more restful sleep
• enhances the production of endorphins, i.e. “happiness hormones”

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