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Massage for children

30 min


45 min


About the treatment:
It’s proven that getting massages have a very beneficent effect on human’s body. It’s also true when it comes to children. Mostly, because through their early development the positive effects of massages have been easier achievable. Those children who have been massaged regularly are much more relaxed. Also they are more balanced physically, emotionally and mentally. Most of children who grow up getting massages fairly regularly choose to carry on this habit in their adulthood as well.

The purpose of massage:
• to speed up children’s blood and lymph circulation
• to avoid or correct poor posture
• the stimulation of the nervous system
• the promotion of digestion
• strengthening the immune system

Further positive effects of massages:
• to relieve tension
• to help mental and physical development
• to reduce growth pain
• to improve movement coordination

Steps of the treatment:
The child lies on her/his tummy on the massage table. After oiling the surface that is about to be massaged starting by the feet/sole working towards the back. When it’s all done, the child turns and lies down on his/her back this time. We work our way from the feet towards the shoulders using oil again.

The treatment is advised for:
• children aged 4-5 plus
• tweens
• adolescents

The treatment is NOT advised, when the child:
• has heart problem
• has fever
• has cold or flu

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