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Lymphatic drainage

60 min


90 min


Our lymphatic system is a large cleanser to get rid of the fine-grained materials that our kidney and digestive system can not process for the first time. If our lymphatic system gets tired, it gets stuck between the cells and begins to ruin our fine mechanical system. Our immune system weakens, our organs get saturated with different toxins and cellulite appears. We become fatigued and depressed.

Our sedentary lifestyle helps the deposition of excreta, our body needs help. This is when the lymph drainage cames in play. It helps to remove the deposited toxins from our body by the gently movements.

Our lymphatic system is a vascular system, but this system does not have an perpetual-moving heart that could move the substance. However there are different nodes in our body where the blood vessels meet with the lymphatic system and the purification becomes possible. This is where the massage takes effect by the directing the lymph into the nodes. You may bring your swimsuit to the lymph massage, but not necessary.

The treatment is a slow, gentle massage, which cleanses the lymphatic system. But cleaning the entire system is a longer process in which lymph drainage fits very well.

What does the lymphatic system do?
It nourishes, cleanses and protects the tissues, restores their natural function, improves circulation (works in conjunction with the vascular system).


• Regeneration
• Rejuvenates the body
• Painkiller
• Remedies of digestive disorders (constipation, inflammation of the gut)
• Increases resistance, boosts the immune system

It’s unrecommended in the following cases:
• Acute inflammatory responses
• It can not be used in suspected thrombotic areas but anywhere else. tumor diseases (except after breast cancer) oedema caused by heart failure

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Lymphatic drainage | 60 min


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