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Kinasio Taping is a rehabilitation tool which stabilizes damaged connective tissues and painful muscules using flexible tapes attached to the skin, without reducing the freedom of movement of the involved parts.

The Kinesio Tape can be applied with good results in the case of:
• Acute and chronic muscular and joint pains
• Waist and hip pain
• Treatments of swellings, edemas
• Arm, and foot problems
• As an additional treatment of spinal hernia
• Additional ttreatment to the therapeutic massage
• Treatments of wounds and scabs
• In cases of flat feet, longitudinal – és transversal sagging
• To relief from menstruation sympthoms
• Preventive stabilization in case of extreme phisical load
• Neck and back pains
• Additional treatment of lymphatic dramaige
• During sport activities, trainings to
• Posture repair to prevent injuries
• Rehabilitation treatment after traumas (like: Broken bones, strain, muscular or connective tissue split), and many more traumatology cases

The Kinseio Taping therapy Not replacing the professional medical care. In every case, You have to ask your doctor in the first place, who might redirect you to a specialist.
For the treatment is used a special flexible tape. The bottom sice of the tape contains a medical certified glue, the upper side is a special flexible tissue.

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