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Welcome to our Clinic!

We are located in the beautiful Cabo Roig. We provide a wide range of different massage services, facials, back only and full body treatments, from relaxation to detoxification and injury rehabilitation. Our therapies are provided to health care only. Our services are conducted by licensed & experienced staff in a tranquil atmosphere that simultaneously honors the patient, practitioner and the environment.

Massage is an effective way to preserve our health

If you want a real, professional massage, choose one of our treatments!

Massage therapies

Swedish massage

Facial treatment

Facial treatment

Alternative treatments

Ear candles

Wellness treatments

Coconut massage

What our clients says

Massage Advantages


Massage is an effective way to preserve our health.

Increase peace of mind

Better sleep

Increase self-awareness

Promotes mental alertness

Improves circulation

Enhances skin tone and skin health

Promotes deeper breathing

Improves posture